Sunday, September 29, 2013

19th Century Houses in Kerrville

I'm back!  I've had some other projects occuping my time.  Did you miss me?

I've been wondering how many 19th century buildings remain in Kerr County.  So far I have come up with about three dozen, and I believe there are many more than that in the rural areas.  My two mile long rural road has three, including my house!  I've asked some locals, including fellow blogger Joe Herring, to put their thinking caps on.  I'm asking my loyal readers now too. Do you know of others?  Please use the comments box below, or you can email me at  dgaudier at gmail dot com.
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The list below is only of buildings that were originally erected as residences and are inside the current city limits of Kerrville.  I am certain the list is incomplete.
Another day I will do non-residential and rural properties.

226 Earl Garrett Street (Schreiner Mansion)
1013 Main Street (Wm. Rawson house)
1100 E. Main Street
328 Jefferson Street (Max Grona house)
902 Jefferson Street
1001 Jefferson Street (Comparette house)
513 Earl Garrett Street (Anderson house)
413 Sidney Baker Street 
400 block Water Street  (A.C. Schreiner house)
Henry Dietert House, off Goat Creek Road
The following houses may also be 19th century
713 Sidney Baker Street (date uncertain, may be 19th century)
408 Water Street (date uncertain. predates 1904, may be 19th century)