Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Fork Inn, Hunt

This rock building at 1225 Highway 39, Hunt, now known as Elaine's Table, was first called the Fork Inn.
It sits on the South Fork of the Guadalupe opposite the Hunt Store.  According to the restaurant website, this building has housed a restaurant for most of its existence.

It dates to about 1940. It apparently had been operating for several years when the first mention of the Fork Inn appeared in the Kerrville Mountain Sun 9 October 1946. It was reported that Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Taylor entertained with a party the previous Saturday evening at the Fork Inn, to honor their daughter and new son-in-law.
The next mention is when the Mountain Sun reported 19 May 1949 that "Mr. and Mrs. Sid Cooke have returned from Houston and now have the Fork Inn open for business.  They will welcome all their old friends.  The Inn has been painted inside and out and is very attractive."

The Cookes, who were English, bought a small 1/3 acre property in Hunt in 1940 and came from Houston for summers several years.  They operated the restaurant for the spring and summer camp and tourist season, although it appears it also opened for special events because I found mention of dinners in February. By 1954 it may have been operating year round.

In April 1964 it changed hands, was completely renovated and became Connie's Corral, operated by Connie Covert and Grace Frazier. The Hunt-Ingram Lions Club met there regularly.

In April 1998, Elaine's Table opened for business and continues today.