Sunday, November 29, 2015

Starkey Manor

Starkey Manor Subdivision was first advertised in the October 10, 1946.  "Exclusive Home Sites--Highly Restricted." Tracts varied from 1 1/4 to 3 1/2 acres each and were priced from $1100 to $1500 an acre.  Interestingly, each lot could have two homes on it.  City water and paved streets were guaranteed, as well as electricity and telephone service. Some of the advertised restrictions included building restrictions "set at appropriate financial levels" and private residential construction. 

It appears the very first lot sold was to Paul J. Broyles and his wife in September of that year.

In the fall of 1947 3 bedroom, 2 bath ranch-style houses were being constructed along Methodist Encampment Road as spec houses selling for about $13,000.

Starkey Elementary, built in "outer Westland", was built to serve the growing population in the western suburbs.  It welcomed its first students in September 1949. In the May 26, 1949 Kerrville Mountain Sun, it was described as a seven room school with one teacher in each class to serve grades one through six. One teacher would act as principal, one would also teach music. It was thought first grade would probably go morning only, the other students having all day schedules.
The Mountain Sun of August 11, 1949, reported the first teachers were: Dan Price, head teacher and mathematics; Mrs. Henry C. Hahn, first grade; Miss Yetive Watkins, second grade; Mrs. Roy Littlefield, Jr., third grade; Miss Betty Jo Brown, fourth grade; Mrs. A. F. Forvilly, fifth grade, and Miss Dorothy Staudt, music. No 6th grade teacher was named--but there must have been one because the 6th grade is mention in other news stories.  Due to segregation, Starkey served only the white elementary students living west of Town Creek--166 total the first year. Those east of Town Creek, 646 in all, went to Tivy Elementary.
Those seven classrooms were insufficient. One year later a contract was let for a seven room addition to Starkey, doubling its capacity. 

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Friday, November 27, 2015

Kerrville Subdivisions

Some time back I began compiling a list of Kerrville Subdivisions with their dates of creation and wrote about some.  I've compiled a list of subdivisions in Kerrville created no less than 50 years ago, so before 1966. This is probably not  a complete list.  I welcome additions. Some subdivisions were developed over several years.  I am looking for the dates of zoning approval or date of first houses in development.

Hillcrest September 1922
Buena Vista 1923 (includes 700 block of Wheless, Myrta, Moore)
B. C. Richards First Addition 1924
Methodist Encampment 1924
Oak Park by September 1924
Henry Wallace Addition 1925, No. 2 October 1945
Westland Place auctioned May 7, 1925  (738 lots)
Westland Hills sales kicked off  Jan 1, 1926
Valley View Addition 1926
Oak Hill Addition 1928 (includes site of former Mayor Remschel home)
Richards Park Addition November 1941
Legion Heights October 1945
Hill Top Estate  September 1946  (George H. and Mrs. Mary Miers granted permission to plat 22.65 acres)
Starkey Manor  October 1946 (Mrs. Pattie Starkey and A. L. Starkey Jr. to plat 123.63 acres.)
Blue Bell Hills October 1947
Hal-Bart  October 1947
Highlands Addition 1949
Richardson Addition 1951 (includes a seven block area adjoining Westland and the Hal-Bart addition) No. 3 1962
Murray Heights  September 1961
Motley Hills 1962 (section 2 1966)
Price Addition April 1962
Fawn Valley Estates April 1962 (on Harper Road)
College Cove 1963