Sunday, May 12, 2013

608 Earl Garrett Street

Like its neighbor at 609 Earl Garrett, this bungalow at 608 Earl Garrett Street is a Sears Roebuck kit house, erected 1920.  The bungalow was ordered and shipped as a complete kit and assembled on site.  There are reportedly about a dozen of these in Kerrville.  One of these days I'll get hold of the list and write about others.

The first owners were Clair and Miller Harwood.  They purchased the lot from L. A. Schreiner for $950 on May 11, 1920. and moved into their new home in early October 1920.
Miller Harwood was a bookkeeper for a bank, probably the Chas. Schreiner Bank. Clair, who had been in poor health for a while,  died in 1930.  Miller remarried two years later.  Shortly after that the family moved to the town of Taft.

Later owners of this house included Burney Parker and Hattie T. Secor.  Much of the time the owners either took in boarders or rented out the entire house.

In 1981 law partners requested the house be rezoned so they could use it for their law practice.  Although the property was ultimately rezoned, the first attempt was not successful.

Several years later, in 1986, it was remodeled by Jim Morris for his jewelry design business.

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