Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Davey & Schott

My most recent post about Weston Farm got me thinking about B. F. Davey & Bruno Schott, the builders of the house.  Davey & Schott was a prominent construction company in the late 19th and early 20th century in and around Kerr County, including projects in neighboring counties. Bruno Schott proudly said his buildings were built to last.
Some of the structures they built in Kerr County that still stand include:
Charles Schreiner Mansion
The 1890 Tivy school (now the administration building for the Kerrville Independent School District)
The 1890 Weston Building 
The 1905 Weston Farm
The 1909 building at 715 Water Street
The ca 1910-1914 building at 1312 Water Street
The 1914 Peterson-Kennedy house, 840 Earl Garrett Street
The 1916 Zion Lutheran Church
The 1887 Guthrie Building, 241 Earl Garrett 

In an interview in 1939 Schott claimed to have built every building on Water Street but one. He also said he built 3/4 of the residences in the city, including houses for four members of the Schreiner family. Many are gone now, but I will add to this list as I learn of others still standing.

Benjamin F. Davey passed away in 1942 in Kimble County and is buried at Glen Rest. By 1924 Wilhelm Bruno Schott had formed a partnership with J. E. McCreary. Schott passed away August 1949 and is also buried in Glen Rest.

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