Friday, July 7, 2017

Restaurants in Historic Buildings in Kerrville

The other day while lunching at Francisco's a friend and I were talking about the restaurants in historic buildings locally. There is something about dining in the midst of history that makes the experience more enjoyable.
I have blogged about some of these restaurants in the past and eat at several regularly. I hope you, dear reader will make it a point to visit or revisit them.
This is not a complete list. Only restaurants in the Kerrville "Main Street District" are included and I may have missed a couple. They are listed in approximate order of the age of the building.

 has opened at Pampell's.  This building has a state historical marker.

Francisco's is in the Weston Building.

Yeo-bo's Cafe is in the old First State Bank building.

Pint & Plow is in the Edward Dietert House.

Rails is in the old S.A&A.P.  Passenger Depot. (See also here for update) This building has qualified for a state historical marker, which will be install later this year.

Thai Bistro is in a century old house at 1201 Broadway.
Pax Coffee & Goods and Rita's Famous Tacos are both in the Baehre Building.

Conchita's on Main and Hill Country Cafe are in the Johnson Building.

Cartewheels is in this part of the old Chas. Schreiner store.

Grape Juice is in this spot.

Now go enjoy a nice meal out!

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